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Most of you know that my first love in photography is waterfowl. Even now, I try to get away and head to Two Rivers or DiSalvo’s farm as often as I can to try to get duck photos. Some of my favorites are green wing teal, blue wing teal, mallards, golden eyes, gadwall, wood ducks and of course more mallards and pintails.

I had an essay with photos about Northern Shovelers published in Take’em Magazine’s latest issue. I have had ‘writer’s block’ to some degree for several years and it was nice to begin the breaking out process. I hope to continue to make progress with overcoming my writing block.

Unfortunately, my back up hard drive is in Foley, MO and it has the essay and the photos on it. Depending on how long it takes to get it back, I will post it on the blog if it isn’t “ancient history” by then.

Many of the archive blog posts have waterfowl in them. I find going back and looking at them is a good way to pass a hot summer day.

Try it— you might like it


Scratching our heads

One of the ‘target’ species we hoped to see at our feeders this year are Baltimore Orioles. About a week ago one landed on the hummingbird feeder trying to get the “nectar” and we broke out the oriole feeder. Molly filled up the small recesses with grape jelly. For the past week we have been graced with at least 4 mature males, 2 mature females and what we think are juvie males.

We must have been the place to be for Orioles. They hit the feeder hard. We were refilling it twice a day. They were eating so much jelly, Molly went to the store and bought a bargain brand so she would have some Welch’s for her morning toast. It has been a lot of fun to see these colorful visitors.

This week has been a different story. Oriole activity is down. After looking at the migration /nesting area map, we see that our part of Missouri is on the borderline between “just passing through” and “setting up housekeeping”.

We aren’t sure if they are in the process of leaving or are busy building nests etc.

A trio of shots– not Nat Geo but we didn’t have time to do the ‘bird on a stick’ set up. Tomato cages have to be fabricated so Miss Molly can get her garden set up and I’m running behind. 🙂

Word Press Woes

I was in the process of working on some catch up posts and happened to look at some of the latest posts and the images. I noticed that WP had auto updated to a newer version and some glitches had popped up.

Seems the WP rendering engine is acting up again and some of the images are loading slow, despite keeping file sizes small, and they look very soft.

In the past, I reloaded the version and things straightened themselves out. I hope that is the case again. Will wait a few days and check it again.

Until then, bear with us and we will try to get a few new posts up that reflect what is going on in our little piece of paradise 🙂

Battle Of The Box

One of our favorite things about living near the New Haven city limits is having blue birds use the box that Carolyn Schleuter gave us as a housewarming gift last year. We had three sets of bluebird babies fledged out of our box last year.

This year we put the box up early thinking that the birds would get a head start. Little did we know that the House Sparrows would try to claim the box for themselves. Numerous ‘raids’ ran the blue birds off. After reading everything we could about blue birds and house sparrow nesting conflicts, we had to take the box down for a week. This was to break any bond that the house sparrows had to the box. Luckily, the rains came and we have not seen any house sparrows in sometime. The alternative is to trap and eliminate the house sparrows with as they say “extreme prejudice”.

Put the box up this morning and we hope the battle of the box is over. So far, no house sparrows and the blue birds are going in and out of the box.

Fingers crossed, we hope to see bluebird babies soon.

Recent shots

Almost Showtime

Caught this guy early,early in the morning at close range. He and his lady friend have been checking out the blue bird box we put out. He certainly has his ‘courting colors’ working and no…..there is no added saturation.