Pretty soggy here in New Haven,MO.

Radishes are looking good–lettuce–meh.

Caught some of our “fellow citizens” before the rain came back.

4 thoughts on “Rain,Rain,Sunshine

    • Carolyn, your housewarming gift has been just that…housewarming.
      We have spent hours watching the bluebirds and they have warmed the house with joy and entertainment.

      We look forward to when you can come and ‘warm’ the house…until then PATIENCE grasshopper 🙂

    • Thanks Sam
      Bluebirds feeding the babies with big mayflies–
      Molly wants to go trout fishing but it looks like it will be a bit.

      All the trout streams are running high and ‘chocolate’.

      Then again, I guess she could become a ‘cheeser’ LOL.

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