A year ago today—

We moved to New Haven

Had unloaded everything and set up the bare necessities

Come to think about it– around this time we were having Lancito’s pizza with Lori and Dan Biehl

Hope all of you are warm and enjoying the weekend


and since it is a photo blog– here is a quick down and dirty 1DX file



When it comes to ducks?? Yeah,I can see why people would say that. If there is anyone to blame it would be my old friend Sam Hampton. He was the person that got me into all the duck stuff. That led to me chasing them from Canada to The Gulf of Mexico in two flyways.

These days, I ‘shoot’ more of them with a camera than a shotgun, but you could say that either way– yeah….I’m obsessive.

Trying to learn how all the auto focus and other features work on the new 1DX.

Image is a major crop and except for a kiss with the sharpening brush at 50%-is straight out of the camera. I think I am going to like this camera. Settings in text in image for those that are interested.

Jumping in with both feet

As many of you know, I have been looking to replace my old Canon 1DMKIIN that finally died after 545,000 clicks and two replaced shutters. I’ve been using Molly’s back-up 40D which sometimes drives me crazy.

The candidates were the Canon 7DII, the 5DsR and the latest 5DIV.  I had pretty much decided on looking for a 7DII on sale or a good used copy. For grins, I looked at the Canon 1DX.

Yep…….I bought the 1DX.

The one I bought had 22k clicks (rated for 400,000) and I am blown away by it. It will run 12 frames/sec,blazing fast auto focus and 18 mega-pixels ( the conversion software says 22.6 but that probably includes metadata and embedded jpg). The frame rate,auto focus and buffer blows a 7DII out of the water and the 7DII is no slouch ( see Lee’s elk photos  http://forirphotos.com/wordpress/?p=2267 ).

So now I have to learn to use it and after reading the manual, I have come to the conclusion that the camera is smarter than I am LOL.

Yes, it is a photo blog– 2 pix of the camera and quick test shot on a bluebird that we hope will get a mate and nest in our bluebird nesting box.

click for larger version

You Gotta Love Our Backyard

Kind of cool to look out the patio door and see these two in the tree behind the house. Haven’t looked to see if there is a nest being built in the woods near our property line. Turkeys are doing their ‘ghost’ thing—now you see them–now you don’t. Add the deer that cruised by while we were straightening up after the storm last night and it might be an interesting spring here.


Hope you all are staying warm. Hard to get around going from Mid 70’s to Mid 30’s. Winter obviously isn’t over yet.

Latest “Adventure”–

During a casual conversation one of our friends here in New Haven mentioned  that her daughter had some award-winning sheep.

Molly looked at me–I looked at her and the next thing we knew we had arranged to have a photo shoot. Had high overcast sky and balmy temperatures and friendly folks….and the the new lambs were a hoot.

Still doing some editing but here is a picture Molly took.

Ignore the chubby guy that wasn’t smart enough to get out of her background LOL

Our Little Valentine

Our niece Brandi took this picture (phone) of her little girl, Olivia, on the 11th of February. Close enough to Valentine’s day for me.

6 months old

Yes, we will have to ‘work’ with mom on her picture taking technique  and composition but you have to admit that Olivia is cute enough anyway.


One of the things we miss about living in New Haven is not being close to the Mississippi River and seeing the Trumpeter Swans.

So we snuck off and went to see them recently.

Wasn’t a bad day but it wasn’t one of the better days due to wrong wind direction for a morning in flight shoot.

Like they say any day out seeing Nature’s bounty is better than working….AMEN!

Here is one of Molly’s.

(Canon 40D(OLD)- the OLD 500 mm,F 6.3,1/2000 @400 ISO–Might be time for new gear


Caroyn Schlueter was awarded 1st place in the prestigious Beyond the Lens XI competition at Framations Gallery in St. Charles,MO for her image titled “Mysterious”.

Beyond the Lens is one of the big photography only competitions in the St Louis area and winning it is quite an accomplishment

Join us in congratulating Carolyn for her achievement.

Well done Miss Beans!!

Gallery show closes


Our gallery showing ended on Jan 12. We had great success in meeting several photographers and we did pretty good on the sales end of things as well. It was a lot of work and framing is an issue at times but all in all we enjoyed the experience.

Sarah and Amy at Framations were a pleasure to work with and they took care of most of the heavy lifting. If you ever decide to have a showing of your work, Molly and I would recommend having it at Framations.

The ice storm last weekend slowed us down.New Haven did a great job in salting the roads. Being scaredy-cats–(you should see the hill we live on LOL)– we didn’t venture forth until Sunday and that was to retrieve our images from Framations.

All in all, it has been a quiet start to 2017 and Molly and I are looking forward to spring. Unfortunately, we have the rest of January, all of February and likely the first half of March to go through to get there.

Stay warm when you are out and about photographing.

Special shout out to Beano– love ya kid

and since this is a photography blog

Ice Storm Cardinal (500 mm +2/3 EV 1/125th @400 ISO)

Starting the New Year with Lee Schumacher’s photography

This will give you an idea of how busy it has been with Molly and I.

I originally was going to run Lee’s images at Halloween– kind of treat rather than a trick thing. Well, I have finally got everything loaded–up to a point anyway.

You see, it seems my email program has ‘eaten’ some of the images as well as the emails they came in. I had copied some of the images and I guess, I lost others……mainly landscapes and unfortunately, Lee’s commentary that went with the elk. So what is left is what I can remember (never a good thing these days).

Technical— I think Lee took these with a Canon 7D MK II and a 100-400 L II lens. This combo looks like a dynamite rig for larger mammals.

Time & Place–I believe Lee said that the 3rd week in September is when to make the run to Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes,Colorado, not only to capture the amazing aspens but also the elk are either in rut or about to be.

I want to thank Lee for sending me his images and apologize for losing part of his images from the trip. What I was able to salvage is impressive.